About BluePlanet Solar

At Blue Planet solar we are passionate about working towards a cleaner environment for us and future generations to come. While our aim is to create a cleaner environment we are also well aware that this can only be achieved if it is economically viable for consumers to be able to implement this from the grass roots. Hence our mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality solar systems at the most competitive market prices.

Our team of experts will be able to advise you on the best solar solution for your needs the most economical way possible.  We can combine this with clever financing arrangements that make it even easier for you to not only save money but also help the environment.

Please join us in helping save the planet, while we help you save money off your power bills.

Why are wedifferent?

Unfortunately solar has attracted many “fly by night” businesses trying to cash in on short term profits and not keeping long term relationships with customers. This means that customer’s warranties have not been upheld, there has been shoddy workmanship and poor design with in-efficient installation of the system.  Blue Planet Solar is here to stay. We have a proven track record and a solid focus on customer relations.

Our Points of difference:

  • Matching the right solar solution to customer needs, not the most profitable
  • Highly experienced solar experts
  • CEC – accredited and licensed installation technicians
  • Only highest quality panel, inverters and components used
  • 100% Customer service and warranty back up
  • Various finance and other ownership options available if unable to purchase outright
  • We are Australian owned and operated


Our highly accredited team provides residential and commercial customers with exceptional customer service and workmanship for solar installation throughout Southeast Queensland. What’s more, we’re driven by a real purpose to make the world a better place.