Blue Planet's High Performance Solar Power Solutions

We are a full service, professional solar integrator dedicated to providing the very best in solar products, installation and service throughout Southeast Queensland.

Residential Solar Power Solutions

Residential Solar is a great way for your average consumer to not only help the environment but also save money doing so.

Commercial Solar Power Solutions

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and keep costs down then you need to have solar power.

Solar + Battery (Hybrid Solar Power)

If you want to be self-sufficient and be “off grid” then your answer is one of our Solar + Battery Systems.

Specialised Solar for Landlords

This allows the landlord to not only charge the tenants for the electricity they use but also get paid with the feed in credits as well.

WhyBlue Planet Solar

At Blue Planet Solar we are 100% committed to providing you the best possible tailored solar solution for your needs. Our parts and installation are of the highest standard with warranties to match.

Why choose Blue Planet Solar?  When it comes to deciding who to trust so that your solar energy project is in good hands, we are the only choice.

What separates us most of all from the many different types of “solar companies” having lately entered this rapidly growing specialty is that we are, first and foremost, a highly-trained, solar experts that have the financial backing to stand behind our products. Many solar companies these days are “fly by night” operators looking to enter the market for a short term “cash in”.  These companies are offering inferior products at discounted prices and then are unable to back up the warranty when that inferior product fails.

When you are looking for a solar solution you want a reliable system that does exactly what it is supposed to do. Efficiency and reliability are the two key points when installing a solar system and Blue Planet Solar provide the best.

That means you’ll receive all that you would expect when undertaking such an important project as securing your home or business’s energy future, and knowing that it was specified appropriately and installed safely. From the initial solar site analysis, through to our recommendations, eventual design and planning, performance expectations, material selections, project management and complete solar installation services…we are your local solar experts that personally conduct and manage all that goes into making a successful energy project complete, from end-to-end.

Better Value

More power means more savings and more savings means a greater return on your investment. No other solar company or installer can save you more than we can. Contact us today and learn how you can get huge savings from solar.

Better Warranty

For your peace of mind, we offer the best possible warranty periods for all our solar products and installation AND we have the backing to be able to stand behind our warranties

Better Products

These panels are made of high quality materials, fully tested and generate more on the same roof space. That means we use less space, provide better aesthetics and power generation. Need more info? Contact us today!

Better Service

Our team of accredited and professional solar installers bring extensive experience and capabilities that enable us to deliver solutions for the most complex projects.

How It Works

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